It’s important to know that the space you go home to each day is going to be a comfortable and safe atmosphere for you and your loved ones. This is why having an HVAC system that works properly and efficiently is imperative. Keep your home heating and cooling systems operating at peak when you work with Total Comfort Heating & Cooling. 

Our experienced team offers: 

  • Residential AC installation

  • Residential AC repair & maintenance

  • Residential furnace repair & maintenance

  • Residential HVAC preventative maintenance

  • And more  

Air Conditioning Repair Services

Having your air conditioning unit malfunction during the hottest part of the year can be a nightmare, and you’ll want to work with professionals who are skilled, efficient, and can complete the repairs in a timely manner. Our team has many years of experience and can help you get your system back up to par quickly. We specialize in air conditioning repair services in the Chattanooga area, and we can also help to ensure your system is operating in an energy-efficient manner. 

Our team can also assist if it’s time to replace an old unit! Old AC units can become a burden and a strain on resources when it breaks down often. Ensure you and your family remain comfortable in your own home throughout the year when you have the right HVAC equipment installed at home. 

Air Conditioning Maintenance Chattanooga

Just like any other equipment or machinery, AC units require maintenance from time to time to continue operating as they should. When was the last time you had your home air conditioning unit serviced? You don’t have to wait till it breaks down. We suggest regular preventative maintenance for all residential HVAC components to ensure: 

  1. Peak performance

  2. Fewer breakdowns and costly repairs

  3. Energy efficiency and lower electricity bills

  4. A longer lifespan for your AC unit

  5. Better indoor air quality

  6. A more comfortable home

Heating Services Chattanooga

Just as you don’t want to be caught without a working AC in the summer months, a broken heater during the winter can present a big problem. Avoid issues with your residential HVAC system when you work with Total Comfort! Our experienced and qualified technicians will ensure your heating system is operating as it should to keep you and your family comfortable all winter long. 

We offer heating services including:

  • Residential heater/furnace installation

  • Residential heater/furnace repair

  • Preventative maintenance 

Our team can also help assess the overall performance of your heating system to ensure that it’s working properly and efficiently to save you money on electricity bills. If it’s time to upgrade and replace your home furnace, we can help you find the best products for your specific needs and the layout of your home to ensure the best possible result. 

It’s our goal to ensure our customers are totally comfortable all year long, and to provide incredible customer service with every job. We service the greater Chattanooga area, and would love to help you with any residential HVAC service needs that may come up. Contact our team today as we’d love to help with any heating or cooling issues you’re experiencing.